At Glooscap Elementary School our mission is to provide a caring environment that supports the development of a healthy self esteem, creative expression, critical thinking, a love of learning and respect for self and others in our students.

Glooscap Elementary School

Principal’s Message

We would like to welcome all staff, students, parents and guardians back to another school year here at Glooscap Elementary School.  We look forward to seeing your children on September 5th. If you have questions please feel free to drop by the office or contact the school.  We look forward to working with you as we serve your students and this community.

Along with our returning veteran staff, we are welcoming several new staff this 2018-2019 school year.  Rachel Thompson is our new Grade 5 teacher. Holly Rand is teaching a grade 4/5 split class. Elizabeth Wright is our P/1 teacher.  Elaine Young will be our new grade 1/2 teacher when she returns from a maternity leave in April. Our new specialist educators include Danette Smith teaching Reading Recovery and Early Literacy, Shelley Morse our 50% Guidance Counselor and Julia Coleman as our new Librarian.  Marilyn Beatty is also a new to GES as an Education Assistant this year.

We also welcome Nova Keddy and Lorne Guy along with our returning secretary Mary Gammon to the main office.  Ms. Keddy will be in a newly created Vice Principal’s position. When she is not fulfilling administrative duties she will be working as the school’s BIRT teacher.  She has lived in the community for several years. Lorne Guy is the new Principal and he is replacing newly retired and long-time Principal Corena Burbidge. We want to thank Ms. Burbidge for her wonderful contributions to the community, school, and the lives of so many Glooscap Elementary families.  We wish her well in her retirement.

Glooscap has a long history of support from the local community and our families.  We are grateful for all the volunteers who are an important part of our program delivery.  If you are interested in volunteering your time in any capacity at the school please contact us.  Thank you in advance for considering.

History of Glooscap and Canning

Glooscap Elementary School is a rural school with a population of approximately 230 students located in Canning, Nova Scotia.  it is nestled in a vibrant community known for its scenic views and rich farmland. Canning was also once a large shipping, shipbuilding, and rail hub center.  The area surrounding Glooscap Elementary is home to many with Mi’kmaq First Nations, Acadian, New England Planters, African Nova Scotian and Dutch heritage.