Our mission at Glooscap Elementary School is to foster an atmosphere of kindness, acceptance and compassion so our students can feel safe to develop the resilience needed to do their best learning, and to grow into respectful and successful community members. 


Principal's Message

Principal’s Message


Hard to believe but December is upon us!  First and foremost, congratulations to Rowan Francis and Faythe Lantz for MCing our Remembrance Day ceremony this year.  Thank you to the Royal Canadian Legion #73 Habitant Branch for your presence and recognizing students for their poetry and artwork entered in the annual contest.  The winners included: Sorren Spinney, Jameson Prince, Lexi Davidson, Mason Moore, Kyrah Allison, Spring Keeping-Doucet, Madison Allen, Mady Smith, Amos Sinclair, Jonah Pashley and Measha Noble. 

Winter is here folks…… please don’t fool yourselves.  We want our students to enjoy their time at school, the vast majority of our students are not coming to school with enough outside clothing.  The temperature changes often throughout the day and the rainy weather is creating wet conditions on the playground.  Please consider sending your child to school with extra pair of mittens and maybe even a change of clothes as well.  Mittens and other items of clothing get soaked during recess play and may not be dry by lunch time, the second dry pair helps your child feel warmer and appreciate being outside more.  Thanks for your cooperation. 

First term report cards will be going home with students on Thursday, December 5th. Please pay close attention to the learner profile on the front page and your child’s academic progress.  You may remember last year the report cards were changed to focus more on the student, not the content covered.  The reports continue to reflect student progress and current level of achievement.  Teachers are also asked to communicate areas of strength, areas for improvement, and suggestions on how to support learning at home and school. 

At Glooscap Elementary we typically see an increase in the number of students attending our Breakfast Club in the month of December.  We ask that you consider a donation to our breakfast program during this time of celebration.  We serve toast every morning, so a grocery gift certificate to purchase bread is also welcomed.  Donations of cans of apple juice, cinnamon spice and  jars of jam and cereal are also always appreciated.

The Glooscap Elementary Home and School are once again supporting a seasonal Craft making event.  Every child will have the opportunity to make something as a family gift.  This will be a memorable event and unique family keepsake.  There is no cost to families for this opportunity. On behalf of the students of Glooscap Elementary we want to thank our active and involved Home and School. 

December 20th will be our annual skating party (times listed below). Once again this is courtesy of our Home and School Association!  Hot chocolate will be served as well. 

Wishing you and your families a happy December and wonderful winter break.   


Lorne P. Guy