At Glooscap Elementary School our mission is to provide a caring environment that supports the development of a healthy self esteem, creative expression, critical thinking, a love of learning and respect for self and others in our students.

Glooscap Elementary School

Principal’s Message

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday break.  Happy 2019 to you and your families. Thank you for your continued support Glooscap Elementary School and our initiatives.  

We are looking forward to the December skating party before we go into the holiday break. This will be a great opportunity to enjoy physical activity and some hot chocolate.  Thank you to the Glooscap Home and School for providing this wonderful opportunity for our students. Your hard work to fit skates for all our students is much appreciated. Thanks for even finding a pair for Mr. Guy…..I think.  Looking forward to the skating party and continued weekly skating into the New Year.

With the support of the NKEC leadership group, we are pleased to offer the use of crazy carpets and loose play time during our lunch recess.  This takes place on Mondays’ Wednesdays, and Fridays. The kids are loving it! Please encourage your children to come prepared for outdoor play with snow pants, extra mittens, and boots.  Another set of gloves or mitts would be appreciated as well. It is often hard to find dry clothing between recess and lunch. It is also very beneficial to label your children's clothing. Our lost and found area often becomes quite overwhelmed.  We encourage you to come to school when feasible and see what your child may have left behind.

As you are all aware, snow days are a part of living here in the Annapolis Valley.  Please take the time to discuss with your children your plan if there is an unscheduled early dismissal because of weather conditions or other emergency.  Please inform the office if there is a change to your original plan sent to us in September. Call us at 582-2010.

We continue to see an increase in the number of late arrivals to our school. When this occurs students miss valuable instructional time. Teachers and students are often distracted by a late arrival to class. It is understandable that occasionally circumstances may be unavoidable.  Information about appointments, sporting events, or other situations are appreciated in advance. In the event your child is late (after 8:10 am) please encourage them to come to the main office collect a late card. Students will not be allowed to go to class without this notification. This helps us to monitor attendance as well.  Thanks for your understanding in support of your child’s education.

Thank you to the parents/guardians who submitted the green “Glooscap Values” sheet that went home with the children's’ report cards.  This information is important for developing school wide goals and initiatives. We are looking for a few more. There is an on-line link if you wish to submit your thoughts electronically.


If you need another copy feel free to ask your child’s home room teacher for one.  The results of our survey will be tallied and shared in the spring.

Thanks and have a wonderful January.  

Lorne P. Guy



History of Glooscap and Canning

Glooscap Elementary School is a rural school with a population of approximately 230 students located in Canning, Nova Scotia.  it is nestled in a vibrant community known for its scenic views and rich farmland. Canning was also once a large shipping, shipbuilding, and rail hub center.  The area surrounding Glooscap Elementary is home to many with Mi’kmaq First Nations, Acadian, New England Planters, African Nova Scotian and Dutch heritage.